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Hello and welcome to our website where we can help you make huge improvements in your health! NutraOrgana originated with the intent to help people achieve optimal physical, spiritual and emotional health. The mission of the company is to partner with you to assist you to achieve your health goals.

NutraOrgana has a staff of medical doctors, holistic physicians, and nutritionists that are combining 30 years of experience using Eastern and Western medicine philosophies and approaches to help you re-balance your chemistry and provide optimal health. The panel of medical experts has extensive knowledge and expertise with diagnostic testing for nutritional deficiencies and heavy metal intoxication and imbalances.

Our BioCellular Analysis test, a urine and saliva profile method of testing, goes beyond basic blood work to show help prevent disease before it starts. Typical blood tests will tell you that you have a problem after it is has developed into a disease. We offer you a way to learn about imbalances in your body and correct them before you develop any negative health conditions.

NutraOrgana, LLC laboratory presents Dr. Larry, an alternative medicine physician with almost 40 years of practice, together with Teresa Badillo, a biomedical consultant specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders for over 20 years, offering a very unique foundational biochemistry testing with urine and saliva called BioCellular Analysis. Traditional laboratory testing of vitamins, minerals, fats, Candida, viruses etc. is all done on a molecular level. Since molecules consist of atoms, then choosing this type of testing on an atomic level evaluates the underlying body biochemistry. Everyone has unique body biochemistry. Addressing the foundational biochemical imbalances on an atomic level is the first key to healing the body on a molecular level. This type of testing will indicate much sooner than blood chemistry what imbalances, abnormalities and early pathology is in progress.

The test results include a nutritional and dietary protocol along with the recommendation of specialty products that effectively address the abnormalities in a relatively short period of time. With Dr. Larry's expertise and knowledge, our patients immediately begin to feel and see the difference. Test kits are shipped anywhere in the US and Canada. Each patient will receive a test kit, test results, a complete nutritional and dietary protocol and a consult all included for $250.

For parents of children or adults on the autism spectrum who are frustrated by the lack of progress, we have found that by normalizing the abnormal foundational biochemistry with the BioCellular Analysis, ASD children begin to move faster and build upon this progress once their foundational biochemistry is no longer abnormal. We also address specific issues with the methylation process, speech, auditory processing, allergies, cerebral folate deficiency, genetic mutations, MTHFR, heavy metals, glutathione and more to assure continual progress.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Larry and Teresa
NutraOrgana, LLC
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